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Master plan

von K Masterplan


Master plan


A master plan gives the owner the opportunity to see how the open space will develop in the future. It is not important how large the property is or how high the investment volume is. Master plans can also be useful for gardens. Through the master plan, meaningful sections can be formed, which can be implemented separately. The master plan helps to recognize the handwriting and the design idea through the whole project although different companies are working on the project.


If such a plan is drawn up, both the expected total costs and the costs of the respective sections can additionally be determined. By using construction cost indices, forecasts can also be made as to how construction costs will develop in the coming years. A reliable investment plan can help make decisions about which areas to implement and when.


Von K GmbH has already created master plans for the federal government as well as for commercial builders. We would be happy to advise you whether such a plan can also be useful for you and calculate the costs that will be incurred for the preparation of the master plan.