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Landscape Architecture

New building kindergarten Felsberg - 1st place

New building kindergarten Felsberg - 1st place

Competition 07/2021, 1st place

New building kindergarten, Felsberg

Building owner: City Felsberg, 34587 Felsberg


In Cooperation with Joos Keller Architekten, Heilbronn

Loweg Architekten, Stuttgart


Outdoor facilities
The placement of the building and the design of the outdoor facilities mean that only one tree in the south-east of the site needs to be checked. All other trees can remain. In addition, approx. 30 new trees are to create a sufficient number of protected shade areas - artificial shading such as parasols or sails will therefore only be provided on the two terraces. In addition, the site will only be sealed to the extent necessary. Outside the building, there is a circular path with two terraces that provides barrier-free access to all areas of the garden and can also be used as a maintenance access road. All other areas consist of vegetation or sand.


Access area
The building is accessed from the south via the path Zur Reithalle. The existing footpath to the south of the municipal sports hall will be extended to the kindergarten. Parking spaces for bicycles and cars can be placed directly in front of the building. The access to the parking spaces will be facilitated by widening the roadway. The car parking spaces are located between the existing trees. By using root bridges and water-permeable pavements, the trees can be preserved without interfering with their root space. In order to overcome the elevation of the building that is necessary due to flood protection, two ramps lead barrier-free to the ground floor level. The refuse area is placed directly by the kitchen in the southwest of the building. Due to the direct location of the building on the access road, the distances for access and delivery are short.


Outdoor area
The outdoor area is divided into three areas. The area for the older children in the east of the building, the U3 area in the north and the jointly usable inner courtyard. The cross-age area is divided into different areas of use, which are placed next to each other like a comb. The subdivision is made up of easy-to-maintain lawn paths, which may develop into trampling paths over the course of time. In addition to the typical climbing and play equipment, the older children also have a mud area, an explorer garden and a snack garden, which is located directly next to the terrace. The terrace is large enough and shaded by umbrellas so that eating, playing and gardening for the snack garden can be done there. The outdoor area is complemented by an event lawn in the south with loosely distributed adventure points that motivate the children to explore the whole garden and discover new areas. On the north-west side of the building, the smaller children have an area protected from the sun that is easy to see and, like the Ü3 garden, is divided into several areas for use. The terrace area is located directly at the exit from the building. This is flanked by the snack and discovery garden and the sand area. The garden area is complemented in the west by a play area, which is equipped with loosely arranged, age-appropriate playground equipment. To the north of the U3 area, the existing volleyball court will be restored and made available to all users.