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Landscape Architecture

New building of the day care centre Göppingen - 2nd place

New building of the day care centre Göppingen - 2nd place

Competition 12/2021, 2nd place

New building of the day care centre Albert-Schweitzer-Schule Göppingen

Building owner: City Göppingen, 73033 Göppingen


In cooperation with Joos Keller Architekten, Heilbronn


The design of the nursey`s outdoor facilities picks up on the formal language of the architecture, creating a harmonious interplay between the building and the outdoor space. The orientation of the new building, at right angles to the existing buildings, forms a harmonious contrast to the Albert-Schweizer-Schule and Pestalozzi-Schule. The break yard schools receives a clearly defined spatial edge in the northern area through the new planning of the kindergarten.

The aim of the design of the outdoor facilities was to integrate the new building functionally and aestetically into its surroundings, as well as to create a strong interlocking of the exterior and interior. The main focus here is on the central part of the building, which is taken up in design terms by the adjacent paving. The corridor of the new building is visually extended into the surrounding space and provides a clear direction in the otdoor facilities. To the northwest of the building, the paving forms a forecourt with seating, and to the southeast, the paving creates a terrace adjacent to the building. Both the seating on the forecourt and the new, linearly planted hedge bands are oriented towards the building´s orientation and visually support it.

Further goals were both the preservation of as many existing trees as possible and the optimisation of existing path relationships. The design of the paths to the south of the building is therefore based on the existing path connections. By moving the footpath to the east of the building, the garden adjacent to the KiTa gains more space and moves away from the nothern ring road.

The new KiTa garden shows a diverse and user-oriented offer. With the help of various play elements and landscape, differnet ground coverings and diverse planting beds, the children can be individually encouraged. In addition to the planting beds, the garden receives natural shade trough further new plantings and expands its green character

The new design of the outdoor facilities is strongly oriented towards the topography of the site. Despite the sloping terrain towards the south, barrier-free accessibility to all locations on the entire site is still ensured. Adjacent to the norhern ring road, the newly panned Kiss & Ride Zone makes it easier to drop off and pick up children. The zone is well connected near the entrance of the day care centre and creates short distance as well as increased safety for the children.