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Landscape Architecture

Home garden Family S, Stuttgart

Home garden Family S, Stuttgart

This beautiful garden is located in a rural area in the Stuttgart area. The existing garden was overplanned, three areas are created:

The first and most intensive area is the kitchen garden. It remains in its original location, but is restructured. The beds will be bordered on the outside by low evergreen hedges, which together with the raised beds will also form a frame in winter.

The area next to the cottage garden will get a circular lawn in the middle. Various natural shrubs and ground cover roses soften the strict shape and make this area appear very natural. Tread plates connect the lawn with the existing garden path. The path is lined on both sides by lavender.

In the third garden area, the apple tree is retained and the meadow area is laid out as a semicircle. Blood plums and free-standing climbing elements with rambler roses and clematis border the area and provide a beautiful view from the house. In the eastern part of the property, a quiet recreation area with a wooden terrace will be created A hedge growing in a raised planting trough will provide privacy from the adjacent public path here.