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Landscape Architecture

Children`s house Denkendorf

Children`s house Denkendorf

Competition 05/2021

Children's house  "Alter Eichwald" Denkendorf

Bauherr: Gemeinde Denkendorf, 73370 Denkendorf


In cooperation with bwb backeweberbleyle architekten, Stuttgart


Open space design

The location and positioning of the children's house will allow for a generous continuous open space for the children's house. The green space is proposed as a scattered orchard with a natural meadow area, thus providing a large habitat for insects, small mammals and birds. This allows the natural habitats of animals to be made apparent to the children.

The forecourt serves as a pleasant meeting and communication point during pick-up and drop-off times and can also be used as an outdoor area for events in connection with the entrance area.