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New Centre Arzfeld - 3rd place

New Centre Arzfeld - 3rd place

Competition 07/2021, 3rd place

New Centre Arzfeld

Building owner: Municipality 54687 Arzfeld


In cooperation with 

bwb backeweberbleyle architects, Stuttgart


Outdoor facilities

The aim of the design is to provide an appropriate framework for the new urban design in order to create a coherent "centre of Arzfeld".

The prevailing topography, sensible pathways and square design create a green space structure that frames the village community centre and the associated fairground and thus places them in the centre. 



The fairground draws the use of the village community centre outside, and allows many possibilities of use. Not only is there room for a marquee for large events, but smaller events such as demonstrations and meetings can also be held here. Towards the main road, the fairground is connected at ground level; towards Luxemburger Straße, the square is reached by a generous flight of steps that compensates for the difference in height.

Adjacent to the north-western side of the square is a spacious playground. A ramp runs through the playground, providing a barrier-free connection between the upper fairground and the area below.


Existing trees

The current tree population was taken into account in the planning and some trees were integrated into the design. New tree plantings complement the existing structure.

The existing fountain continues to be the entrée of the square and a pleasant place to spend time. In addition, it creates a connection to the adjacent "Sankt Maria Magdalena" church and its outdoor facilities.