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experimenta Heilbronn

experimenta Heilbronn

Building owner: Schwarz Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG
Customer: Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur (Leistungsphase 8)
Building time: 2018-2019
Executing company: Bietigheimer Gartengestaltung GmbH


The new world of knowledge and experience on the island at Neckaruferpark in the middle of Heilbronn's city center invites visitors to become researchers and explorers themselves.

The plaza-like outdoor space with splinter-shaped inlays spans between the old and new experimenta. The small stone paving was laid in a passe bond. Slabs of sandstone varying in size playfully lead to the entrance of the experimenta.

In the center of the square are three tree islands, closely planted with willows. The edge of the tree islands serves as seating. This consists of large shell limestone blocks which have been provided with a wooden support in individual places. At night, the square is illuminated by pole lights of different heights, which are equipped with several spotlights.