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Bathing landscapes Schwelm - 3rd place

Bathing landscapes Schwelm - 3rd place

Competition 08/2022, 3rd place

Future of the pool landscape in Schwelm

Building owner: City Schwelm, 58332 Schwelm


In cooperation with mra Architekten, Stuttgart


The entire park will be designed to be close to nature. The smoldering will be exposed and renaturalized. Its course along the Schwelmestraße is made natural and inviting by small planting islands and larger stones. The paved paths meander carefully along the topography up the slope of the "Liebeswiese" and trace flat lying areas. The rise of the topography is logically transformed into a sun grandstand in the transition from the lower bathing and water areas to the sunbathing lawn on the slope. With the routing of the paved paths in the outdoor area, all straightened terrace areas above the sunbathing lawn are accessible.Care is taken to create different qualities of the sunbathing areas – fully sunny, semi-shaded and shady. A large part of the tree population will be preserved and a high proportion of greenery will be ensured.
The planting is sensibly supplemented by native, insect-friendly tree species and woody plants. Retaining walls are realized as dry stone walls in order to create habitats for animals here as well.